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Baby College has been so much fun. It is fantastic - it’s easily our favourite day of the week." 

Becky and Lucy-Rose (9 months)

Baby College classes are for babies from birth to 3 years. Classes include a carefully designed mixture of physical, multi-sensory and cognitive games, exercises and activities including music, dancing, signing and much more - all designed to cover every aspect of your child's development.


 We'll help you

  • Understand how, when and why your growing baby or toddler develops

  • Support (and enjoy) your child's development

  • Encourage your child's love of learning... for life

  • Prepare your child for pre-school education at three

  • Nurture the precious relationship between you and your child

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Baby College is for parents too...

Our age groups

"No better start to

a child's


- ITV News

0-3 Years



& Juniors

Parent and baby development classes

Thank you for giving us some very special first memories! We have had an amazing time, made some great friends and, most importantly, encouraged by lots of activities learnt at Baby College, become best friends with each other!"

Kate and Esme (10 months)

“My times at Baby College are amongst my most treasured with the boys as babies and I genuinely feel all the support and fun I've had have helped me to become the kind of mother I've always hoped to be"

Clare, Dexter (3) and Ralph (11 months)

Our structured programme provides a complete developmental workout. It helps to build the strong neural pathways that are vital for early brain development and all subsequent learning. At the same time Baby College also offers you a useful insight into baby development so you can learn all about your growing our blog for this week's topic

  • Infants 0-9 months

Weekly topics and a gentle and complete programme suitable even for newborns. In the infant classes, gentle exercises are taught to help replace your baby's infant reflexes with more mature responses. Fun multi-sensory stimulation helps them to learn new skills.

  • Toddlers 9-18 months

Building on early development and exploring this new and exciting world, your toddler will be fascinated by the world around them. Additional learning themes and new skills are introduced. An active class that promotes language and social skills and body awareness.

  • Juniors 18-36 months

Encouraging and supporting independent learning in preparation for nursery. Now even more active, emphasis is placed on encouraging confidence in their social skills and growing more independent. Using varied, fun and stimulating games, you can ensure they are ready when it is time for pre-school.

"Isabelle starts full time school in September. She is definitely ready and is a lovely, inquisitive little girl. I believe the Baby College classes have contributed to her willingness to learn and the confidence to join in with other children.  

George and I are looking forward to starting the class in September."

Marie, Isabelle (4) and George (10 months)

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