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Baby College Colchester with Melissa Anderson

Before becoming a mum to my two precious children, I was a researcher in the field of biology. Having been trained as a scientist has made me very inquisitive, and naturally when I became a parent it also made me question reasons behind parenthood decisions especially when it comes to my children’s development.


When I became a mum for the first time, I remember there was loads of feeding and nappy changing, late nights and interrupted sleep. But as my little bundle got bigger, I started worrying if his development was on par with his age. I was very lucky to have the friends that I met in my antenatal class, who were there to support each other (and also to have cake with each week) while we muddled through being first-time parents.


When my second baby came along, she didn’t get as much of my time. She had to fit into our established family life and also compete for attention with her very loud brother. I missed spending one-to-one time with her, and felt she missed out in not having as much bonding time with me. Having been a stay-at-home mum with no family support near us, my children didn't get exposed to as many adults as other kids do. And so to help them improve in their social skills, we go to a lot of baby and toddler classes. Over the years, we have gone to various classes at different stage of their development.


When I first saw a Baby College class, I felt a connection and wished there had been a Baby College class local to me and that I could turn back the clock and take both my babies to the classes!


Baby College is a fully-interactive, music, movement and multi-sensory class with a weekly topic giving an insight of your baby’s development while giving you a chance to take time out of busy modern life to bond with your baby and meet like-minded parents.


Come and find out for yourself. I look forward to you and your little one joining me at Baby College Colchester. Contact me for a free taster session or if you have any questions.


Hi, I’m Melissa and I run Baby College Colchester

Baby College Colchester

07597 222 189


Term Dates:

Or email and I will get in touch with you regarding your query as soon as I can.

Thank you




Online Booking

Spring Term 2018: 11th January & 18th Jan & 15th February to  29th March 2018 (9 week term)

No classes 25th Jan to 8th Feb as Melissa is away

NEW January 2018


Bluebell Centre


9.30 am Toddlers

10.30 am Infants



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